Whose evening dress is stunning and whose is ugly in the red carpet? It besides on you.

I have choosed my best dreesd and worst dressed, what do you think of my choice?

Hereis the best dressd.


Although the dress of Anne Hathaway is so simple, she still looks stunning! Carla’s dress is gorgeous and elegant. The dress of Carly Steel is so lovely. I love. Ms.Berry could wear any dress it looks beautiful on her. Lace dress on Tina looks so pretty and decent.

And here is the worst dreessd.Bild

I can’t unsterstand why Alyssa choose this colour and this stuff makes her figur no shape. Wow wow, Eva, don’t do this. You really have confidence of your figur. But plese think about our feeling. Vera Wang’s outfit is absolutly stunnung, but why Julia looks so fat on this wonderful dress. Dear Julianna, maybe this lace and clairvoyant dress is out of fashion, too many stars have taken it on. Hello, Sarah, why you dress have two colours? The dress is a little rugate. Have you seen it?

Big pictures of best dressed!!!!  😀

Tina Fey Anne Hathaway Carla Gugino Carly Steel Halle Berry

Worst dressed:

Sarah Hyland Alyssa Milano Eva Longoria Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julianna Margulies