From Lisa Versace: RPGSHOW Straight Wig Application



Hi,guys. Today I want to introduce you one of my best friends and her blog. Lisa Versace. Lisa is a fashion blogger and writes verything about fashion. This is one of her posts in her blog. I love very much. This post is about rpgshow, a very popular lace wig shop.

Today I would like to share this video by my friend. You know, she is really a hairstyle expert. At least, I think so. She can always come up with some really amazing hairstyles ideas. Sometimes, she always show us some hairstyle tutorial.
Now, let’s start.
Some girls would like to change their hairstyles frequently. For example, me. My natural hair is blond and wavy. Every time , I go to salon with excitement, while after that , I would regret the choice. It really do great harm to my original hair. So my friend just suggest me try a lace wig. Though I haven’t did so yet because I am a little afraid that it would look unnatural. Then, she shared such a video.
If you want to read more, please click
If you want to buy lace wigs, I introduce you a coupon web, that about rpgshow’s coupon. If you want to buy black hairstyles 2013, you can go to rpgshow.

Highlights for black hair and Ombre hair



Ombre hairstyles are very in in celebrity hair styles. It’s not a new thing, but always in fashion.

The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. It’s been spotted on plenty of A-list celebs: Chanel Iman, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Raven Simone. Finally, a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 8-12 weeks for a touch-up!

There are many videos from youtube about highlights black women hairstyles.

Because ombre hair is not easy, so many youtubers buy full lace wigs and show people the latest hairstyles trend.

These is a playlist show some full lace wigs ombre hairstyles. If you have interest, you can click this link.

This style of coloring really became more popular when pop princess Nicki Minaj began rocking colored wigs that lent hues of purple to pink, lime green to blonde, and even royal blue faded to a touch of blonde on the ends. However, if done properly, the process can create quite the bill at the check-out of your favorite salon.

Highlights for black hair is very popular for black women. It is natural black hairstyles with fashion.

Try it on. If you don’t want to harm your hair, you can try a full lace wig.

Clip-in Hairstyles




I’ve seen a blog, there in a post from her, I love very. It is about clip-in hairstyles.

Clip in human hair extensions are instant, they can be fitted at home in minutes with no needs of help from a hair stylist.
Apart from styling, colors and some other factors, what matters more is the quality of the clip on hair extensions. Clip in human hair extensions are all the rage these days. These photos are from a online hair extensions shop:
I am so excited about these beautiful hair extensions!
Except clip-in hairstyles I’ve also seen the videos playlist about  full lace wigs from youtube.  If you are interested in that, you can go and see.


My Favorit black hairstyles short Top 5



My Favorit black hairstyles short Top 5

In this year, I really love short hair, especially short black hairstyles. Let me show you the first black hairstyles I love at best.

hairstyles black

This voluminous curly coif is ready to hit the runway! Natural hair is shampooed, conditioned, braided down and botanical oils are applied to the scalp. There is a video about black wavy hairstyles, hope you like.

Get the look: Onyx human-hair extensions are bonded to a wig cap, then cut with a razor to form an inverted bob. The luscious coils are shaped with a medium-sized curling iron all over the head. Curls are then separated to give the coif a fuller silhouette.

short_curly_black_hairstyles_short_curly_black_hairstyle 3

This attention-grabbing ‘Fro of taut curls is truly fierce! Hair is braided flat underneath and a crochet technique is used to attach custom-blended extensions.

Get the look: A permanent color shades dark ebony roots, while blonde Balayage highlights are applied to the rest of the mane for a golden glow. Extra-small rods are used to craft extra-tight coils, while a sheen spray adds a touch of gloss. RPGSHOW natural blackhair video.

This curly hiarstyle is very beautiful.hairstyles for black

I think that Rhanna’s short hairstyle is very cool. I really love.rihanna

Ombre hiarstyles are stylish. black hairstyles short

Who will win the Oscar best actress 2013?



The 85th Academy Awards are scheduled to be held on February 24, 2013, just 5 days. I am very exited to see so many stars in wonderful evening dresses on the red carpet. Very interesting a thing.
I am very curious about who will win the best actress.
Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook and  Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty are excellent in their role. I am sorry I want to tell you that I bought the Glueless Full Lace Wig that I reminded in my last blog, I love it very much.

Quvenzhane Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild and  Emmanuelle Riva, Amour are also pretty good.
In my opinion, Quvenzhane Wallis is too young to hold this award,maybe it’s not a good thing to receive such a great award for so young a girl.

Naomi Watts in The Impossible.

The five actresses, who will win in the end? Let’t see it!!!

Oscar Nominees 2013 Actress in a Leading Role-Jennifer Lawrence


, ,

Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorit actresses. She is one of the Nominees in „Actress in a Leading Role“ 2013 Oscar, so I am very happy. The film “ Silver Linings Playbook“ that Jennifer Lawrence acts is  wonderful and I am very excited, when I saw this film.


And I really love her lang hair in this film. Naturely, easy and gorgeous. Well, my hair is short, you know, I am very envious of the girls who has so I want to buy a lace wig like the hair style as the picture.

I surfing the Youtube, and find a Youtuber talk about her Glueless Full Lace Wig. Oh my God, same as the hair of Jennifer Lawrence. I deside to buy her lace wig.






The best looks and worst looks in the red carpet of 70th Golden Globe



Whose evening dress is stunning and whose is ugly in the red carpet? It besides on you.

I have choosed my best dreesd and worst dressed, what do you think of my choice?

Hereis the best dressd.


Although the dress of Anne Hathaway is so simple, she still looks stunning! Carla’s dress is gorgeous and elegant. The dress of Carly Steel is so lovely. I love. Ms.Berry could wear any dress it looks beautiful on her. Lace dress on Tina looks so pretty and decent.

And here is the worst dreessd.Bild

I can’t unsterstand why Alyssa choose this colour and this stuff makes her figur no shape. Wow wow, Eva, don’t do this. You really have confidence of your figur. But plese think about our feeling. Vera Wang’s outfit is absolutly stunnung, but why Julia looks so fat on this wonderful dress. Dear Julianna, maybe this lace and clairvoyant dress is out of fashion, too many stars have taken it on. Hello, Sarah, why you dress have two colours? The dress is a little rugate. Have you seen it?

Big pictures of best dressed!!!!  😀

Tina Fey Anne Hathaway Carla Gugino Carly Steel Halle Berry

Worst dressed:

Sarah Hyland Alyssa Milano Eva Longoria Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julianna Margulies

Book Dior- About Fashion, Jewelry and Perfume


Seine drei kleinen Bücher über Mode, Juwelen und Parfüms von Dior hat der französisch-amerikanische Verlag Assouline jetzt in einer Kassette zusammengefasst. Darin verbergen sich dann drei kleine Bände, reich illustriert mit wunderbaren und überraschenden Fotos und Zeichnungen, die Einblick in die Welt von Dior geben. Knapp und kenntnisreich erzählen die Autoren Caroline Bongrand (Mode) und Jérôme Hanover (Juwelen und Düfte) dazu die Geschichte des Hauses.





Fotos 1 bis 4: Je eine Doppelseite aus den Bänden über Mode, Juwelen und Düfte und die Kassette der Dior-Box von Assouline © Assouline.